Vue 7 From The Ground Up: The Official Guide

Gary Miller


Gary Miller Gary Miller has been involved in computer graphics since 2001 when he first bought a copy of Bryce 5. From there his interests have grown to include Photoshop, Vue, Hexagon, Poser, Cinema 4d, BodyPaint 3d and others. After retiring in 2001 he taught himself modeling, texturing, composition, lighting and other areas all with the generous help of others who have created tutorials and other resources and shared them on the internet.
Things really got off the ground for Gary when he won a book cover contest in 2006 and received a free copy of Cinema4d by Maxon. With the new addition of a highly professional piece of software in his arsenal, he knew it was time to stop playing with computer graphics as a hobby and start learning it as a profession.
In 2008 Gary opened up his own corner of cyberspace commerce and became a broker at where he sells his models as well as provides some for free.
Currently Gary is fine tuning his skills in Cinema4d, Photoshop, VUE and other software with the intention to seek graphics work in 2009. He is a tutorial instructor at Geek at Play and loves using his knowledge of computer graphics to assist others in learning how to actually have fun and create models and scenes with ease. With the ton of available tutorials on the internet that he has benefitted from, it is his passion to give back to others so they can benefit as he has.
Gary and his wife Catherine are very happily married and live in So. California with their two children, Nicholas and Grace as well as a petting zoo worth of animals. Gary lends his time and skills as well as his wife’s patience, to give back to 3d community.

Morningside, Chapter 15:

Gary Miller The inspiration for this came from one of my favorite Vue artists, Schnuck over at Renderosity. I wanted to make a very intimate scene and focus on volumetric lighting. .

Arctic Precipice, Chapter 19:

Gary Miller I created this image as an exercise in making a hole in a terrain by using Vue's terrain filter. Afterwards, I used a snow texture from Geek at Play and experimented with some postwork effects using Photoshop.

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