Vue 7 From The Ground Up: The Official Guide

Luigi Marini


Luigi Marini Luigi Marini (nickname raffyraffy) was born in the previous millenium, in far away 1957, and considers himself I am a man of the past! But now he lives in this new future millenium, in a small suburban town near Rome, in Italy, with his wife and their 3 sons. He studied nuclear physics at the scientific school. However, his great love was already the visual arts (cartoon and cinema).
In 1995 he started with his first PC and at the same time discovered his love for 3D graphics. At once he found he enjoyed creating sceneries and landscapes. This interest has an older origin. It arose from his love for the cinema. Luigi likes to narrate tales with pictures. So, what better way than to re-create 3D digital environments, and start from there? His first 3D program was 3DStudio 3, but when he discovered the first lean landscape generator: VistaPro, he understood what his 3D target was. The second, more important "hook" was Animatek World Builder, the first true 3D landscape generator, which was worthy of this name. So, step by step, he learned how to handle all of these kinds programs such as: "Bryce", "3D Construction Set", "Terragen" and so on. At that time, he had a quick look at "Vue d'Esprit 2", but it didnít make an impression. However, its heir, "Vue díEsprit 3" thunderstruck him. Since then, he has adopted this lovable landscape generator as his basic program. Its strength points have always been: power features and ease of use. Since version 5 of Vue, Luigi helps e-on software, the creators of Vue, by taking part in the beta-testing phase of the product.

Mountain village, Chapter 6:

Luigi Marini All the efforts in this Vue project was around the buildings and structures. All of them were created only with Vue primitive and Boolean operations. In addtion, I have used only my own textures.

Happy Little Farm, Chapter 9:

Luigi Marini The main features about this Vue scene was the 2D top view sketch, which I have elaborated using a old game map of "Desperados: Dead or Alive". All was born here, therefore I have created so many alpha-masks using them in each material-layers (materials and ecosystems). That's all! (or almost!).

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